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Timber Movement: Why Does Wood Dance?

Wood, as a natural substance, responds to its environment. Changes in temperature and humidity cause timber to expand and contract – a subtle dance with nature.

Key Factors Why Does Wood Dance?

Moisture Absorption: Wood fibres swell with moisture and shrink when they dry.

Grain Direction: Timber doesn’t move uniformly. It has distinct patterns, and each grain direction reacts differently to environmental factors.

Embracing Wood’s Dynamic Character at STADC Surfaces

Our design ethos isn’t about restraining timber’s natural movements but rather celebrating them.

Our pieces are crafted to accommodate and even showcase wood’s dynamic nature. By using premium timber and meticulously monitoring moisture content, we ensure the longevity of our products.

Understanding and predicting timber’s movement is crucial in crafting durable and lasting furniture and cabinets.

We do this by using strategic craftsmanship. This means we engineer joints that can handle the natural expansion and contraction of timber. Along with the finishes and sealants we use, that are designed to minimize extreme moisture exchange, ensuring aesthetic and structural integrity.

Addressing Common Concerns: The STADC Surfaces Approach

While the natural movement of timber contributes to its unique charm, unchecked movement can lead to issues.

By maintaining optimal conditions in our workshop, we limit extreme wood movement during the crafting process. 

We do this by ensuring our handling of the timber from rough sawn all the way to the polishing process is done efficiently to minimize time for movement of the timber

The way we store our timber allows for adequate air flow around the boards to ensure moisture levels are kept even. 

A piece’s longevity isn’t solely on us. We guide our clients on maintaining stable environments for their STADC pieces, ensuring they stand the test of time.

The movement in wood grain creates textures and patterns, making each STADC piece a unique work of art.

The Future: Sustainable Practices & Wood Movement

At STADC surfaces, our commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with our understanding of wood dynamics. Responsibly harvested timber not only supports the environment but also provides a more stable material.

We’re invested in ongoing research, refining our techniques in harmony with timber’s natural tendencies.

The dance of timber grains isn’t a flaw; it’s a testament to its organic authenticity. At STADC surfaces, we don’t just craft timber furniture and cabinetry; we curate experiences. Through understanding and respecting the natural movement of wood, we provide pieces that aren’t just functional but are true narratives of nature’s wonder.

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